Why Students Make the Best Sales Team for Your Sports Program Books

Why Students Make the Best Sales Team for Your Sports Program Books

Aug 21, 2012

Who does most of the selling for your school’s sports program books? Who talks to the businesses? Who promotes the books at games?

If your students aren’t doing the job, you might be missing out on an awesome fundraising opportunity for your school.

Believe It or Not, Businesses Buy Ad Space in Your Sports Program Books to Support Your Kids

A lot of the focus when it comes to selling ads for your sports program books is figuring out ways to give your businesses the most value for their dollar. That’s important, and we’ve got lots of information and tips to help you give your businesses more return on their investment, but that’s not the only thing you’ve got going for you.

You’re holding the future in your hands, and the chance to help those kids succeed is the real reason businesses continue to invest in your business year after year.

Ask yourself this. Why do you spend hour after hour finding ways to keep school sports and activities alive for your kids?

You do it because school isn’t just about reading, writing and ‘rithmetic. It’s about making friends. It’s about making memories. It’s about making boys and girls into the men and women they’re going to become. And for most of us, those things didn’t happen in the classroom.

Without funding, our kids are going to lose the opportunity to make those friends, and those memories. It’s no secret that schools have been hit hard by budget cuts in recent years. Businesses know that, and they want to help.

When they buy ad space in your sports program books they’re doing it so your kids have the chance to get the most from their high school years. That’s their return on investment.

What better way to give them the full benefit of their support than to bring them face to face with the very kids they’re going to help?

They See You Every Year. How Many of Your Players Will Be Here Next Year?

A coach told me one time that it’s a lot harder for businesses to say no to students selling ad space in sports program books than to the coaches they’re going to see year after year. There’s a reason for that. Coaches always need more money, more resources for their team. They needed them last year, and they’re going to need them next year.

Your team, on the other hand, is only here for a finite amount of time before they move on to other things. That means new faces, new names and new dreams every year. That’s the reason businesses invest every year.

Because seeing those new faces moving up and moving on to college, to jobs and, eventually, to becoming respected members of the community using the skills they learned on the field, or on the court, or out on the ice, never gets old.